Voice Expeditions

Voice Expeditions is a series of stories and oral histories that are meant to entertain, preserve information, and promote research and education.

A String of Pearls: Reflections on Medicine and Society

A String of Pearls is a series of brief essays focused on perspectives around medicine and society.

OCT 30, 2022 -- A Confluence of Influence in Kidney Care: How did we get here?

Dugan W. Maddux, MD

Franklin W. Maddux, MD

Voice Expeditions was created in 2007 by Drs. Dugan and Frank Maddux. It is a website devoted to hosting oral histories and audio stories. The original Voice Expeditions project includes Henscratch essays from life in rural Virginia and the Nephrology Oral History project. The Voice Expeditions website is designed to present projects with some visual and text support, but largely in a format that celebrates the power of hearing a story told.

Voice Expeditions will continue to grow as new stories are added to established projects and as new projects are initiated. We believe that there is value to hearing stories in their original voice that extends the power of the written word. Voice Expeditions offers a connection to the long tradition of human story-telling and all of the breadth of imagination that it inspires.