Voice Expeditions is a website dedicated to the power of the story. Included are a series of audio interviews & essays.  Voice Expeditions is designed to archive these stories and oral histories to serve the purpose of entertainment, preservation of information, research and education. We hope you enjoy your time listening to history.

The voices & stories archived here are strengthened and supported by sponsors who provide generously to give us voices forever.

Nephrology Oral History Project:

Interviews with sentinel nephrologists and caregivers that document renal-related healthcare from as early as the 1950s to the present.

Bit By Bit:

Bit by Bit includes twenty-one Tech inspired essays written and read by Dugan Maddux highlighting the emerging information revolution, written during the years 1999-2001.


Henscratch is a collection of essays about children, chickens and farm life in southern Virginia.

Averett University: Yesterdays with Mary Jo Davis:

These are interviews with members of the Averett family who knew Mary Jo Davis, the beloved former Dean of Students. They all tell stories of their time at Averett and their memories of Mary Jo.

News Highlights:

Post on January 4, 2014 is an interview with Dr. J Michael Lazarus. Dr. Lazarus is the Emeritus Chief Medical Officer for Fresenius Medical Care North America. See his inteview at J. Michael Lazarus, MD
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